Jerry Springer Is Eventually Going To Be The Governor Of Ohio

Business Insider“Influential Ohio Democrats are pushing former Cincinnati mayor and daytime-TV host Jerry Springer to run for Ohio governor in 2018, more than half a dozen Democrats familiar with the race told Business Insider.

Many said Springer, who sought the Democratic nomination for governor of Ohio in 1982 and remains active in state politics, could be a good fit for the current political climate.

Springer’s proponents have highlighted his ability in the era of President Donald Trump to provide his own funding for a campaign and to connect with working-class voters familiar with his television show and history in Ohio politics.

Those discussing a possible run with the talk-show host include Ted Strickland, the former Ohio governor who ran for Senate last year, said Tim Burke, the Hamilton County Democratic Party chairman. And several Democrats said recent conversations with Springer, as well as his schedule, suggested he seemed to be more seriously interested in running this time than in years past.

Hamilton County is home to Cincinnati, where Springer served as mayor in the late 1970s.”

Lets. Go. I’m all in on Jerry Springer running for governor of Ohio, and newsflash: he’s going to win. People forget he used to be the mayor of Cincinnati. We’re not talking about some bumfuck town in Iowa here, but a booming metropolis in the Heartland. From what I understand, you have to have major political clout to become the mayor. I’m sure he doesn’t know what issues he’ll run on, but I’m not worried, I know he’ll have ironclad policies in place by the time he announces he’s running.

If he could handle the amount of scumbags that came through the set of his show, I have no doubts he could run an entire state. Middle America needs a nice little jolt of electricity into the veins, and what better way that turning every event Springer is at into  a redneck/hick booze fest. Can you imagine the viral footage that would come from those events… it makes me giddy.

He’ll also have a great opportunity to select from a fine group of advisors to run his campaign. A few suggestions:

Jimmy could help work out policies related to premium cable and high speed internet, sounds like he’s got a pretty sweet gig in place.

Every campaign needs a fall guy to eat a punch or take a massive slap to the face.

Dusty runs the PR no question. The spin he gives on hooking up with someone with no teeth is legendary.


This is happening, folks. Might as well get comfortable with it, because I think we all know who we’re gonna see on the ticket running for President in 2020. JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!



PS: His potential running mate…..?
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