Brock Osweiler Thinks He Should Start; Says The Proof Is In His Film

SourceBEREA, Ohio — Brock Osweiler remains convinced he is a starting quarterback in the NFL.

“Absolutely,” Osweiler said Wednesday in his first interview since being traded March 10 from the Houston Texans to the Cleveland Browns. To those who doubt, Osweiler was direct: “I think the proof is in the film for the past two years.”

But if anyone might question that the film does not contain that proof, “It’s OK,” he said.

The comments carry bravado, but Osweiler spoke more with confidence than cockiness. He simply tried to convey he was not shaken by the Texans’ trading him one year after he signed a four-year, $72 million contract.

“There was a coach that I played for in college, and he told me, only worry about the things that you can control,” Osweiler said. “So from the time of the trade, that’s all I’ve done. I couldn’t be any more excited to be here. From the day I arrived, you couldn’t have been welcomed in a better way.”

You’ve got to respect Brock Osweiler for having enough nuts to put his season in Houston behind him and act like he’s the saving grace for Cleveland. I don’t think he’s wrong either. Maybe he’ll be the guy to stop the never ending carousel of shit quarterbacks that have played for the Browns over the last 10 years. I’m very curious what film he is talking about though. I remember hearing the story about how Bob Griffin used to cut his own highlights together for team meetings so they would exclude all his picks, fumbles, and horseshit passes. I imagine Osweiler brought in an ACE from Hollywood to cut together a nice little highlight package that excludes 95% of the throws he made last year.

I suppose he doesn’t have much of a choice to talk his shit now before OTA’s. If you aren’t confident that you can beat out Cody Kessler, you might as well pack your gear up and go work at Wendy’s. But I think he’s in a good position now. The Browns are a grade A dumpster fire, and no one expects them to be worth a shit. Hell, if Osweiler replicates his stats exactly from last year, he’ll have the best season for a Browns quarterback in recent memory, he may even lead them to a 3-13 record.

The most positive thing to come from all this has to be that we won’t have to hear any more “Houston, we have a problem,” jokes. The NFL Network ran that tired ass joke for 17 straight weeks during the season on top of the 50,000 tweets daily of people thinking they were the only one making the joke.

I kind of feel bad for Cody Kessler too. Guy gets put into a shit situation, gets absolutely no help/talent around him, and probably took a couple years off his life with all the hits he took. He can take some solace in the fact that the guy meant to replace him was traded to Cleveland for a 2nd round pick, a kicking tee, and a bag of balls. If that doesn’t ease the pain, I would advise watching this video every night before the start of training camp.