ICYMI: 18 Year Old Gets Felony Robbery Charges For Filling Water Cup With Soda At McDonald’s

Source—  (NEWSER) – An Arkansas man is facing felony charges after allegedly filling his free water cup with not-free soda Monday at a McDonald’s in Springdale, KHBS/KHOG reports. Police say 18-year-old Cody Morris and two others drove through the McDonald’s drive-thru and ordered three large waters. They then parked, went into the restaurant, dumped out the water, and allegedly filled the cups with soda.

Morris’ accomplices returned their ill-gotten sodas when pressed by a manager, but Morris allegedly refused. That’s when the manager decided to stand behind the group’s car to prevent them from leaving. At this point it’s worth noting that—as Raw Story reports—a large soda at McDonald’s costs only $1.49 and comes with free refills.

Police say the group’s car reversed into the McDonald’s manager, who was then hit by the car a second time when he reached through the window to try to pull the keys from the ignition. The car drove off, and the manager called police. Officers found the car and Morris at a bowling alley, and he was arrested on suspicion of felony robbery. (Allegedly hitting the manager with the car is what presumably elevated the charges.)


Don’t know how I never heard about this. It’s been awhile since in happened, but this one hits close to home. For a period of time in high school, I obtained the moniker of “The Soda Pop Bandit,” for dastardly acts very similar to these, so I can’t throw stones at this kid. However, his technique was dog shit. Getting three glasses from the drive-thru and then going inside to fill them up? What kind of bozo move is that? You go inside, get a McChicken and a water, then fill it up with whatever the fuck you want and employees will be none the wiser. Most McDonald’s fountain machines aren’t even in clear sight of the counter, which is why I would guess this happens over 50,000 times a day at McD’s across the US. I will say, I haven’t encountered too many hardo McDonald’s managers who are willing to get railroaded by a vehicle (twice) in order to make sure that $1.49 finds its way into the cash register safely, but it’s good to know there are still some of them out there.


I don’t know, I guess you could make the argument that a McDonald’s in Arkansas is comparable to eating at Ruth’s Chris or something like it, but I still don’t think I’d be willing to die to stop a kid from drinking 18 oz. of Orange Hi-C. We’ll see what kind of enforcement Indianapolis restaurants use to deter soda thieves, because I plan on seeing this week if I still have as light of a touch as I used to. Hard to top the rush of filling a plastic see through cup with Coke for all to see, it’s the epitome of living life on the edge.


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