Game Of Thrones Drops Season 7 Trailer

Chills. I’ve only watched it twice so far so I haven’t really given it the deep dive that it needs and deserves, but what a trailer. Dragons on top of dragons, the Dothraki horde riding into battle ready to behead anything that comes their way, Jon Snow pinning Littlefinger up against the wall like he’s trying to steal his fucking lunch money, Cersei attempting to solidify her reign, Dany returning to Dragonstone, the Unsullied killing Lannister soldiers in King’s Landing, there is a lot to unpack here.

I’m kind of surprised that they decided to give a little tease to every storyline that is currently running, but it’s nice to have some clarity on where all the different chess pieces will be once the season starts. No shots of any White Walkers other than what looked to be a couple Wildlings running away from them, so I assume Benioff and Weiss are holding that massive set piece with The Night King and his army close to their chests. (Perhaps The Wall coming down??)

At this point, we need to hope that each episode gets a longer running time. I’d give my left nut to get 7 74 minute episodes. Judging by the amount of dragon footy we got, and the fact that they’re FUCKING HUGE, I think it’s safe to say each episode’s budget has been stretched quite a bit.

I also told myself that I was going to go dark on everything Thrones until the season premiere, but I’m a weak-minded schmuck, so I’ve been scarfing this shit down the second it becomes available. We’re only 54 days out, plenty of time to go down some Reddit wormholes to get you all set for what will be arguably the greatest season of television ever.

Get ready folks, “the Great War… is here.”


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